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Wildcat Hills Nature Center

Situated atop the unique Wildcat Hills in Western Nebraska is the Wildcat Hills State Recreation Area (1,094 acres) and surrounding 30,000 acres of the Wildcat Hills Wildlands recently open for public use.  The existing Nature Center is the hub for all outdoor and education activities for the area with many trail heads and access roads originating at the Center. With the additional use and need for museum and classroom space, it was decided that the only option was to expand and remodel the existing facilities.

The new addition to the Wildcat Hills Nature Center has more than doubled the existing space to over 13,000 SF, allowing for multiple museum collections to be displayed, dedicated educational space, additional staff offices, and a large multipurpose room for events, meetings, and large school groups.  The multi-purpose room is on a third floor with unobstructed views of the surrounding nature reserve and Platte Valley below, giving a unique location for any gathering.  The room has its own dedicated restrooms and facilities in order to be shut off from the rest of the museum and offices for any after-hours events.


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Visit NebWild.org and Nebraska Game and Parks Commission for more information on the Wildcat Hills area.